Trading formation youtube fake

trading formation youtube fake

So how does a scam artist overcome a challenge to produce it? The next chart shows us another good example of trading a Fakey pattern in a trending market. What the faker is trying to do is imply the part of the equity curve shown after that date indicates actual performance results. And its by far the most common method by which scam artists try to dupe investors. As you can see its not straight. There are a lot of false-breakouts in the Forex market, so learning to trade with the Fakey pattern is very important since it can help you take advantage of and profit from these false breakouts, rather than. They only time you will ever see an equity curve like this is when you are looking at the equity curve of (i) a high frequency market making trading system or (ii) a fake, produced by curve fitting a strategy to the entire data set.

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This can be an on-stop entry or an at market entry. THE fourth BIG RED flag: GODs equity curve. The answer will vary from market to market. How to trade with Fakey Patterns. In fact, thats typically not the case. You might bitcoin ab 10 euro want to challenge any or all of the assumptions, and the trader may disagree with you about some or all of them. One of the highly unusual features of our fakers equity curve is its exceptional smoothness.