Black dog forex forum

black dog forex forum

, the reason is I use 15 30 and 1 hour tf only for. Thank you again for the system, Im xxxxx in the trading room. Put the Dogs on a chart and see what happens. I need more discipline in that area.

Automerge /automerge, hi Lucky_seb, I've moved it to experts file and it's working now thank you. Start trading - not gambling! This is Bla ck Dog, our NEW Membership Site, a superb step-by-step trading course, three Superb, Easy to Use Methods. Hi Lucky_seb, which folder should I put the Fibi_Manual ex4 file, I've already put into indicator folder and it's not working, regards tevres. Can you tell me does Fibi_Manual ex4 opens the trades on it's own or do you open the trade manually when you get the signal? This site is now my first port of call to inspire my trading.

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